About us
BioVita Cellular Care – a drop of life in one capsule 
BioVita Cellular Care is a series of natural products for cellular health
The concept of cellular health is based on the idea that health depends on the billions of cells that 
construct the human organism.
Under the influence of different factors – poor, unhealthy diet, lack of physical activity, lack of good rest, 
disturbed sleep, etc. – the cells fall into oxidative stress. Their metabolism, their cellular respiration and 
life cycle change. As a result, cells die or start reproducing faster, establishing balance but on another 
level (cancer cells).
The effects on the whole organism are weakening of the immune system, manifestation of autoimmune 
diseases, easy predisposition to acute diseases, as well as chronical diseases such as diabetes, metabolic 
syndrome, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome. The endocrine system 
gets damaged, the immunity worsens and the aging process accelerates.
BioVita Cellular Care offers an innovative approach for the achievement of optimal health and 
prevention of diseases. 
Based on the latest scientific research, the expert-created formulas contain natural ingredients most of 
which are patented, clinically tested and with approved health claims by the European Food Safety 
Authority (EFSA).