Innovation in the methods of prevention of various diseases and achievement of better quality of life 
require the creation and implementation of innovative technologies in this area.
COMBICAPS® is a patented technology that allows the combining of otherwise incompatible in one form 
(tablets, capsules, solutions) natural, organic substances through various technological methods. The 
used capsule is a complex two-phase system that contains two parts – a body and a covering part. 
The used nutrients are divided into two phases depending on their solubility and compatibility. Thus, 
each of the ingredients included in this complex system exhibits maximum effect acting in a synergy 
with the other components without any undesired interactions. This ensures high therapeutic efficiency 
and maximum benefit for the health without any side effects.
The final product is characterized by:
- high stability – hermetically sealed capsules, protected from oxidation processes
- enhanced bioavailability in comparison with other pharmaceutical forms (tablets, capsules)
- controlled and modified releasing of the ingredients which avoids their concentration or their rapid 
- targeted therapy – the active ingredients reach the place for interaction with the protein molecules 
and achieve their effect without being eliminated by other systems in the organism( for instance, 
impaired PH in the stomach can change the action of the molecules).
The COMBICAPS® technology is used in leading pharmaceutical companies, such as Favea (Czech 
Republic) and GoerlihPharma (Germany), for the production of pharmaceuticals and food supplements, 
as well. 
The products from the BioVita series are manufactured using the COMBICAPS® technology – “Pellets 
in oil”
The choice of this method is based on the philosophy of creating the products, namely action towards 
every cell in our organism in order to achieve and maintain optimal health without any side effects.
The mechanism is what distinguishes the products, namely a two-phase system with double consecutive 
effect. Part of the used natural and organic ingredients are included in the oil phase and the rest are in 
the pellets. The active substances in the outer capsule are released first and exhibit a rapid effect 
followed by the action of the valuable substances in the pellets which are released more gradually and 
prolong the effect of the product. This method allows the elimination and minimization of any side 
effects due of the gradual releasing of the ingredients. The better absorption is achieved using oil base 
that carries the active substances and delivers them with maximum concentration.
Following the philosophy for a pure natural product with organic substances, instead of gelatin a 
cellulosic capsule is used (HPMC-Hypromellose), certified by Halal and Kosher, satisfying the 
requirements for the application of the products for vegetarians and people with reduced consumption 
of animal products.
Advantages of the product series BioVita Cellular Care:
  • Innovative technology COMBICAPS®- “Pellets in oil”
  • Prolonged effect with constant action of the ingredients
  • Expert-created formulas produced by the rules of good manufacturing practices (GMP)
  • Natural organic ingredients
  • Clinically tested effects of the nutrients
BioVita Cellular Series products are free of:
  • preservatives
  • gluten
  • lactose
  • sugars
  • genetically modified organisms (GMOs)