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BioVita Cellular Algae oil 625 mg (DHA 40%) Vegan 30 softgel capsules


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 Omega-3 fatty acids ( DHA; EPA)  have proven to be very essential for human health due to their multiple health benefits. These essential fatty acids need to be uptaken through diet because they are unable to be produced by the human body.


BioDHA® is an algal Omega-3 produced from the microalgae Schizochytrium. Although fish oil is well known for having a high content of EPA and DHA, microalgae such as zooplankton and phytoplankton are the original source of DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids.



These are important for skin and hair growth as well as for proper visual, neural, and reproductive functions of the body. These fatty acids are proven to be extremely vital for normal tissue development during pregnancy and infancy.

Omega-3 has now considered being a vital component of human diet after their consistently proven health benefits. It is helpful in maintaining cell physiological processes and other important pathways in the body. It is essential for normal functioning of tissues and organs, and its deficiency can cause abnormalities. Studies have shown the effectiveness of EPA and DHA in primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular diseases, chronic inflammatory diseases, diabetes type 2, neurological disorders, growth and development, depression, and vision.

A research which has been made recently also suggested that a low serum DHA is a significant risk factor for the development of Alzheimer’s disease

DHA is the most abundant essential fatty acid in the brain and retina. It comprises 40% of the PUFAs in the brain and 60% of PUFAs in the retina. About 50% of the weight of the neuron's plasma membrane is composed of DHA. The recent past has seen a surge in promotion of DHA as food additive. Its importance in healthcare has been ever increasing.

Therefore, appropriate amounts of dietary Omega 3 fatty acids are critical for healthy life.


Ingredients: Each capsule contains Algae oil 625 mg

Additional substances:

It does not contain ingredients from genetically modified organisms (GMOs)!


Usage: 1 capsule 625 mg daily before or during meals with more water.

Recommendations for use: For optimal results, 3 months` course of application of the food additive is recommended.

Contraindications and side effects:

Side effects are not observed when keeping the recommended daily dose.

Do not use as a substitute for a varied and balanced nutrition.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose!


Storage conditions:
At room temperature 15-25 C, without direct sunlight in a dry place.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Manufacturer: Goerlich
PharmaGmbH Germany for Defa 04 LTD, Sofia, bul.” Alexandar Stamboliiski”89, tel: +359888960746

biovita-supplements.eu; biovita14@abv.bg

Contains 30 capsules; 18.75 grams net


Minimum durability: See the expiry date on the package. Do not use after the expiry date.





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  • Manufactured by: Biovita

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